Adjust wage data

The wages defined in collective and wage agreements change regularly. This makes it necessary to adjust the employment contracts in MeinDienstplan to reflect the changed wages with the correct effective date. It is precisely for this use case that MeinDienstplan offers a practical function for making wage adjustments quickly and efficiently.

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Reporting & Compliance

nd out how seamless documentation and advanced alert systems can help companies easily comply with legal requirements and create a fair working environment with MeinDienstplan.

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Plan short-term changes with legal certainty

With MeinDienstplan, you can master the balance between last-minute changes and protecting employee rights. At the same time, you reduce the administrative burden by having your employees confirm last-minute changes, so you can be confident that the change has been seen and accepted. Discover how employers and employees alike benefit from this modern solution.

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Dynamic planning of personnel requirements

Staffing requirements in companies are often determined using rigid tables which, for example, determine the required number of employees based on the expected turnover. In most cases, this does not correspond optimally to reality. In MeinDienstplan, staffing requirements can now be determined using "Variable Labor Hours", or VLH for short, with the help of dynamic tables, read more about this in our latest blog post.

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