The right people in the right place at the right time

Intelligent and automated scheduling avoids idle time and overtime.
It is impossible to create efficient rosters without accurate forecasts.
They make the difference between profit and loss.


The right people
at the right time
at the right place

Own intuitive interface

Deployment curve

With MeinDienstplan you can create and manage shift schedules quickly and easily. Define shift times and types, assign employees to shifts, manage availability and vacation times, and create reports. Try it now and simplify your shift planning!

Shift models

Already during the creation of the shift models, our AI-supported optimization function helps you.

Do you always have all legal standards and costs under control? Reduce overtime and plan staffing requirements for the long term.All employees at a glance. Ensure in real time that each position is optimally staffed. Increase security for employees and thecompany.