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Discover how we help companies with rostering and time tracking - and meet the people who make it happen.

Welcome to


Discover how we help companies with rostering and time tracking - and meet the people who make it happen.


How it all began

In the family business, Alexander Marschalek is responsible for five McDonalds restaurants in Lower Austria (Austria). Early on, he recognizes the need for a solution to better schedule available staff. On Alexander's initiative, a comprehensive personnel planning tool in Microsoft Excel is created in two major steps. This already offers options for visualizing the duty roster on monitors, automatic filling, and a mobile app for employees.


A solution is developed

Interest from industry peers is growing, several companies are already using the tool, and the possibilities of a spreadsheet are almost exhausted.

The team decides to take the next big step and starts the development of a web platform, initially consisting of the products MeinDienstplan, MeineZeiterfassung and MeinPlayer.


GO LIVE with MeinDienstplan

In the summer of 2020, the rollout of the first version of MeinDienstplan and MeineZeiterfassung starts. Existing customers of the previous tool enthusiastically switch to the new, more modern platform and interest in the market increases. In the first 2 years, MeinDienstplan succeeds in winning around 200 companies as customers.


On the road at full throttle

The software is constantlybeing further developed and adapted to the needs in the companies with the feedback of the customers. In parallel, the team is already working on the new platform MeineLohnabrechnung, which prepares all data for payroll accounting and facilitates communication between the operational teams and the back offices. In addition, the company is successfully entering the German market with its first customers.


The platform is extended

The German market continues to grow, the further development of the platforms is being driven forward and the portfolio of apps will be expanded in 2023 to include the new platform MeinDashboard. MeinDashboard provides customers with clear, cross-operational and cross-company evaluations. MeinDienstplan is growing continuously and thus already helps around 20,000 active employees with already more than 50 million scheduled employee hours.

But for the MeinDienstplan team, the journey is far from over... 

Our team

Alexander Marschalek
Peter Thaler
Alexander Götz
Stefan Filip
Marita Vyhnalek
Business Administration
Florian Bauer
Business Administration
Gerald Hofbauer
Software Development
Patrick Weigl
Software Development
Reinhard Fenzl
Corporate Design
Kathrin Marschalek
Payroll & Accounting
Mavie Marschalek
Hannah Ofner