The web application MEINELOHNABRECHNUNG gives you access to all data, but not only on the level of individual companies but on the basis of your parent companies. This allows you to export data for several plants belonging to the same company.

Digital personnel file

In MEINELOHNABRECHNUNG, the data of all your employees is available online in the browser at any time. Missing employee data can be requested conveniently by e-mail directly from the employee at any time. If data is changed, a change notification is automatically generated
, changes are thus logged and traceable without additional effort.

If new employees are created in one of your companies, you will be informed automatically by e-mail, for example, in order to register them with the social insurance in time. The notification can optionally take place via a specially developed ELDA interface directly in our web application or via our mobile app. In addition, the ELDA interface enables change notifications, deregistrations and much more.

The management of data at company level also allows an overview of the entire employee base of your company and payroll details of individual employees (e.g. cost centers).


Unlike in MEINDIENSTPLAN, in MEINELOHNABRECHNUNG you are not bound to fixed predefined exports, but can adapt the export individually to your payroll accounting program and select the data to be exported yourself. You always have the choice of all wage types and absences from the monthly financial statement of MEINDIENSTPLAN. The following individual adjustments for the export can be defined:

  • Farms individually selectable / deselectable
  • Columns individually selectable / deselectable
  • Wage types individually selectable
  • Absences individually selectable
  • Individualization of the designation
  • individual columns
  • Storage of BMD IDs of individual wage types for a
    direct assignment when importing data into BMD

Data reconciliation

These deviations can be easily corrected in MEINELOHNABRECHNUNG with the data reconciliation and the corrections are automaticallysynchronized to MEINDIENSTPLAN . This way, the data also continuously match your payroll accounting.

A specially developed comparison function in MEINELOHNABRECHNUNG makes it possible to upload data from the payroll accounting program and easily find any discrepancies that may have occurred (e.g. in the valuation of sick leave or the calculation of vacation).

Discrepancies in the calculation of hours (e.g. vacation) are sometimes caused by the fact that our systems calculate all times to the minute and always round the result with an accuracy of two decimal places only in the last step. Programs in payroll accounting often calculate inaccurately and on the basis of rounded values (e.g. monthly vacation entitlement of 2.08 days instead of the exact 2.083 periodic), which can lead to deviations in the result due to rounding errors.


Commissioning and onboarding

There is a small one-time cost for the initial setup and deployment of the web applications, which covers the following services:

  • Preparation of all included services with default configuration
  • 2-hour basic training online via videocall
  • Short feedback call after the familiarization phase to answer questions


The license for MEINELOHNABRECHNUNG includes written support via the MEINDIENSTPLAN Help Center. In the interfaces of the web applications
, quick access to help articles in the help center as well as the contact form to the support team is available via the help buttons.

The support hours are according to the office hours MO-FR from 08:00 - 18:00, requests can be sent to the support at any time and will be handled by the next
available employee. On average, questions and problems reported to the support can be solved within 1-2 business days at most.

A permanently available telephone support as well as support via other platforms apart from the help center (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram) is not included.

Support services of this kind (e.g. dedicated request for callback and telephone support) can be charged separately. Technical support for problems on site (Internet connection interrupted, browser installation, PC does not start, network connection to media player
does not work, etc.) must always be organized in the respective company itself.

Further development
& updates

Major changes are explained in more detail in a changelog, minor updates and bug fixes are released without further notification. Large updates as well as maintenance that can lead to impairments are generally carried out at night.

Individual enhancements are generally not included, but customer requests for customizations and new functions are accepted and checked. This is usually done directly via support. Functions with general benefit are integrated into the development plan and implemented according to priority. For individual special developments that do not serve the general benefit of a large number of customers, MD meinDienstplan GmbH will make an offer for implementation. An implementation will only take place after a subsequent written order by the customer.

The development team is constantly working on expanding and improving the applications and regularly releases updates. Through user feedback via support, possible optimizations are also continuously recorded, evaluated and implemented.


Access to the applications and data is only possible with an activated account. Passwords are stored in encrypted form and cannot be read in plain text. The registration is not publicly accessible, all user registrations are initiated either by MD meinDienstplan GmbH (initial provision of the platform) or by authorized users of a customer (linking of employee accounts, global user rights management).


The billing of the booked packages and licenses takes place in advance on the first of each month. If the first day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, billing will take place on the next working day. The monthly invoices are sent automatically by e-mail in PDF format.

SEPA direct debit

Via the customer center, every customer has the possibility to create SEPA direct debit mandates. If a SEPA mandate is stored for a company, the monthly invoice amount is automatically collected 5 working days after invoicing, the date of the scheduled collection is noted on the respective invoice. The payment service provider STRIPE is used to provide automated payment collection, more information can be found at